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Franklands Insurance of Derby

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Franklands Insurance of Derby

You should not judge your insurance broker solely according to the quality of the cover you get, or even how much you pay in premiums. Because any broker worth the name should get you the right cover at the right price. Rather you should assess the service you receive according to its overall impact on the performance of your business.

  • Does it enhance your efficiency?
  • Does it reduce the risks you face?
  • Does it manage claims in a way that minimizes their impact on your business?
  • In short, does it improve your overall profitability?

At Franklands, we believe the services of an imaginative insurance broker should have a significant impact on your bottom line. That does not mean simply cutting premiums. It means providing advice that improves your performance and thus boosts your profitability. This advice will relate to risk. If risk is controlled or even eliminated, your operation will function more efficiently. Our job is not merely to arrange insurance cover. Our job is to work in partnership with you to create a wholly integrated insurance and risk management solution.